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Consulting Activities

The highest quality service is provided to investors from all over the world in their citizenship applications.

Education Consultancy

With facilities in Germany and Turkey it costs more prestigious diploma and job opportunities

Turkish Citizenship and Residence Permit

Consultancy on all stages of obtaining citizenship by buying real estate, investing or starting a business

Insurance Services

Opportunity to get the cheapest and most secured price thanks to the agreement with many companies in foreign health insurance, car insurance and other insurance branches

Real Estate and Asset Sale

Brokerage of buying and selling real estate such as houses, shops, offices, land, hotels, dormitories

Loan Structuring and Financial Consultancy

Consultancy on the use of loans according to the financial structure of companies

Software Development

Assured project management with a very experienced team at the most reasonable price in all kinds of software projects. The greatest evidence will be noticed when you receive an offer

Alternatives for Foreign Investors to Gain Turkish Citizenship Exceptionally

Complete your citizenship within 45 to 60 days.

Sermaye Yatırımı

Capital Investment

  • Realize fixed capital investment of at least 500,000 US Dollars foreign currency or Turkish Lira.
  • At least 500,000 US Dollars in foreign currency or Turkish Lira We must keep deposits in banks operating in Turkey 3 years deposit.
  • To purchase state borrowing instruments of at least 500.000 USD or foreign currency or Turkish Lira provided that they are kept for three years.
Gayrimenkul Alımı

Real Estate Purchase

  • To purchase immovable title deed records of at least 250,000 US Dollars in foreign currency or Turkish Lira, provided that an annotation is not sold for three years.
  • To purchase real estate mutual fund participation share or venture capital mutual fund participation share of at least 500.000 USD or foreign currency provided that it holds at least three years.

Creation of Employment

  • Create employment for at least 50 people.

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Founded in 2006, our company has provided many consultancy services for the private and public sectors.

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